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DINNER IDEAS | Date night with friends

Some nights in our new home call for extravagant dinners that take a few hours to prep and clean while some nights call for easy prep meals that feel like fancy dinners. Those are the nights when we would rather stay in and watch one or two movies on Netfliix. Thankfully Old El Paso (OEP) has us covered for the easy prep nights with all their taco kits.

The Old El Paso kits make it super easy for us to host friends in our new home without making a huge mess that no one really wants to clean after. As much as I love cooking, the clean up is definitely the worst part of prepping a meal. Having your guests eat their meal in an edible bowl – like the new Old El Paso Tortilla Bowls – sounds like a pretty amazing idea to me. 

We love sticking to our favourites, the shrimp and beef tacos with the works but we decided to change it up this time and try the Tortilla Bowl.

What we loved about the OEP Tortilla Bowl was how easy it was to use and eat. We all know tacos can get a little messy sometimes – especially with the amount of toppings and stuffing that we put in our tacos. The bowls were a great size for holding everything in and because it’s structured it was so much easier to eat. 

It’s like having the benefits of a soft taco but the easiness of holding a hard taco! 

You can always put the tortilla bowls in the oven to heat it up a bit and before you put them in, maybe spread it with a little butter and spices to really kick it up a notch!   

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