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Two Friends, One Fiesta & a Whole Lot of Food & Drinks in #the6ix

We just recently moved downtown and needless to say, the food possibilities are endless! As much as we love living downtown, the one thing we do miss is having a car. Everything downtown is easily accessible but there’s nothing like getting into a car and knowing you’ll be where you need to go without any delays! 

We were fortunate enough to take the Ford Fiesta around the 6ix for a big foodie adventure! Keep reading to find out where we ventured off to! 

Right off the bat, we loved how compact the Fiesta was which basically means its perfect for downtown life. We all know parking can be bit of an issue down here but it was small enough to fit in all the right places.

Having said that, don’t think that this car doesn’t pack a punch when it comes to space inside. We easily fit 4 people in the car and no one complained of leg cramps and heads bumping the ceiling.

The first stop we made was to Bombay Street Food Company. I work in the area and it’s finally nice to have some variety to the usual chain lunch spots or burgers. Bombay Street Food Company is a quaint little joint that sees its fair share of repeat customers and it’s no surprise why – the food is delicious and the staff are so welcoming!

A must try there is their dessert, delicious and much healthier than the usual cake and ice cream alternatives!

Our next stop was to Bandit Brewery in Roncesvalles. Anyone who has driven in Toronto knows that there are many one way streets that can really mess up your drive when you think you can just take one street the whole way. Thankfully, we had the navigation system on the Fiesta with step by step guided instructions and made it there in one piece!

I’m not one to pound back pints and pints of beers as I prefer cider but Bandit Brewery may have converted me. Their patio is amazing and with its recent expansion, I could see myself living out the rest of my summer nights there. The thing that I appreciated the most there was that they have a scale for bitter a beer is. I would think that’s useful information to know as I personally don’t prefer very bitter beers.

On the Saturday, we ventured off to Etobicoke’s newest restaurant located in Sherway Gardens called Beaumont Kitchen for some brunch. This chic restaurant serves upscale West Coast cuisine and it’s appropriately adjacent to the Saks Fifth Avenue (perfect for some post-shopping eats!)

Their avocado toast as well as the smoke salmon benny was probably my favourites from the brunch menu, but I was told to try the PB & J stuffed french toast on my next visit. Definitely going back!
When you live in Mississauga and Etobicoke, Toronto seems like a far trek but once you’ve moved downtown your whole perception of the GTA changes. Now North York and Scarborough seems like a whole planet away especially when it requires changing different modes of transportation

Not only is the Fiesta great on gas (which is a double win when gas prices are through the roof) but its SYNC 3 voice activated technology is where it hits home. We all know about driving with distractions and what an issue it’s become (Pokemon Go hasn’t helped) so having voice activated technology in a car is really the only solution to multitasking while you’re driving. When you’re not feeling the song that’s playing all you have to do is say what music you want to hear to search and stream what you’re looking for.

When in Scarborough, one must dim sum. We finally got a chance to try Casa-Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine. Driving by, I’ve always been a little intimidated by the fancy exterior but inside it’s the dim sum we all know and love. Be sure to make reservations or wake up early cause it’ll be hard to sit and wait while they’re walking around with delicious plates of food!

Everyone knows there’s always a second stomach for dessert so we decided to head over to Beiruti Cafe for some sweet treats (pun intended).

The desserts were delicious and we would definitely recommend the chocolate croissant but the macarons were a miss for us that day. We’ve certainly had better ones in Toronto before so we would recommend trying some of their other pastries.

If any of you remember driving an older model car, you’re no stranger to parallel parking and having someone get out of the car to guide you into that perfect spot. Luckily for us, those days are long gone with the rear camera on the Ford Fiesta. It was just what we needed to park in those tricky street spots in the East end where True True Pizza is.

This is definitely pizza that we would walk, or in this case drive for. The thin crust was just what we like and not only do they have creative combinations on their pizza, who can turn down fun pizza names like Donnie Brasco. 

Thanks to the Ford Fiesta we were able to drive around the great city of Toronto and expand our stomachs one stop at a time! We can’t wait for more #FiestaFoodie Adventures to come so we can continue to explore 🙂

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