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REVIEW | Francobollo – Upscale Italian Dining in North York

We made our way to Francobollo Posto Italiano towards the end of last year to satisfy our cravings for Italian food. If you guys remember, we went to Terra in November and loved everything from the decor, meal and right down to the service. We had just as high expectations for Francobollo being the newest addition from the Substance Food Group. 

How do we describe the interior of Francobollo other than elegant and sophisticated? As a smaller restaurant, it really made our dining experience more intimate and perfect for celebrating those special occasions. They also have a second floor that can accommodate larger parties and really gives the feeling of privacy.

As much as we can continue to write about the interior, we were ultimately there for the food which was just as great. Make sure to hear all the daily specials if you want to try something new that might not be on the menu!

Cuori d’Anatra
Pan seared free range duck hearts, roasted Brussels sprouts, guanciale, 10 year old balsamic

Polipo Sottovuotto
75 octopus, quinoa, butter lettuce, orange-red onion-caper-mint salsa

Burrata Oscar
Charred asparagus, snow crab, roasted lobster bisque, dried tomato & almond pesto


Linguini Vongole

Grilled Sea Bream

Filet of Mediterranean Sea Bass

Filetto Di Manzo Alla Griglia
Grilled certified Angus beef tenderlion, wild musrooms, bone marrow & fresh thyme jus
It was honestly so hard to pick a favourite cause everything tasted so great and there was such a wide variety of dishes we felt like we ate everything! The pan seared duck hearts might be a toss up as some of us really enjoyed it and others weren’t accustomed to that kind of protein.

We definitely recommend getting the daily grilled whole fish. There’s nothing like seeing an untouched fish arrive at your table to almost feel like it had just been caught and cooked to perfection. Their grilled Angus beef tenderloin was amazing as well with the bone marrow and it was cooked to perfection, something that not all restaurants can do in our opinion.

As full as we were from the antipaste, paste and secondi courses, we were not about to leave without trying some of their desserts!

We’re already talking about when we can make another visit to Francobollo. If you’re looking for elevated Italian classics, you don’t need to look any further! Just keep your eye out for it on the road as it’s a little hard to find when you’re trying to keep your eyes on the road! 

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