You are currently viewing REVIEW | Ossington Strip’s Ufficio – great for cocktails & seafare

REVIEW | Ossington Strip’s Ufficio – great for cocktails & seafare

‘Never drink on an empty stomach’ is a lesson I learned during my time in university and an important one at that. Before a dance-filled night out with girlfriends, what better way to start the night than with good food and cocktails? A few weeks ago, we headed over to Ufficio on Ossington Ave. and Dundas St. W., a new spot that’s been getting great reviews by many.

Cosmonaut | Eristoff Vodka, luxardo maraschino, buckthorn shrub, fresh lime
Picante Pasini | Cazadores Tequila, aperol, chili, grapefruit, fresh lime
Selvaggio | Flor de cana 7 year, amaro montenegro, fresh lime, ginger beer

My friend made reservations for 9 P.M. Side note: you should always make Friday reso’s at this time. It gives us girls some time to relax after work, freshen up, change into something less work appropriate, and have a glass of wine (or two). Dinner & drinks at 9 P.M. means we’ll be done around 11 P.M., the perfect time to head out for a night on the town.

Ufficio isn’t a huge, spacious restaurant. Instead, expect a narrow space with the cocktail bar along one side and an open kitchen at the back. The interior details such as the marble bar, aquamarine banquettes and gold light fixtures created an elegant yet effortlessly cool vibe, which I liked!

It was really busy when we arrived and a fair number of people were waiting. Luckily, we sipped on some cocktails (on the house) while our table was being prepared for us. Another lesson here: Always make reservations!

 Ontario Burrata 
Beets, Balconville apple vinegar, juniper & pistachio

Conserva Di Tonno
 Olive oil poached albacore tuna, celery & black olives

Spaghetti “Carbonara”
 Smoke mackerel, parsley & pecorino

Trota Scotato
 Seared ontario trout, pearl onion agrodolce & dandelion

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