You are currently viewing REVIEW | Boku Sushi offers a “Taste of Tokyo” in Toronto’s Distillery District

REVIEW | Boku Sushi offers a “Taste of Tokyo” in Toronto’s Distillery District

The night Toronto got 20cm of snow was the night I was at dinner for some sushi and sake – so dedicated, right? Located on Gristmill Lane in the Distillery District, Boku serves a variety of Japanese specialties including blow torched sushi, sashimi and omakase.

Inside the restaurant, Boku mixes industrial elements like exposed brick walls and traditional Japanese decor to create a unique atmosphere. It seems like a good spot for dates or a sake tastingsat the bar with a friend or two.

Soba Salad 
Buckwheat noodle, spring mix, enoki, bonito flakes, balsamic dressing

Agedashi Tofu
Flash fried tofu, shiitake, oyster mushroom, negi, tentsuyu sauce

Salmon Tataki

Slow Roasted Duck 

Boku Maki
Scallop, avocado, umé, albacore tuna & Unagi sauce

 Distillery Roll

Shrimp, salmon, avocado, masago, topped with cheese, lemon & unagi sauce

Tai Aburi Haki Sushi
Pickled cherry blossom, yuzu pepper & sesame soy

 Beef Aburi Hako Sushi

Asparagus, chilli daikon, negi & garlic

 Wagyu Beef on Hot Stone

with sesame oil & ponzu sauce
The more memorable menu items from my visit were the Distillery Roll and the Boku Maki, packed with flavourful ingredients. I also really enjoyed the blow torched hand-pressed rolls “aburi.” As for the salmon tataki, DIY wagyu beef on the hot stone, and the soba noodle salad, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

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