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RECIPE | Waffle Machine Hashed Browns – A new way to enjoy breakfast at home!

I’m sure most households like my own have a waffle machine but somehow never find a reason to use! Our family doesn’t eat waffles that often and if we do it’s usually out. Why not use the machine to make another breakfast item, hash browns!

This recipe is so easy and foolproof and is much easier than frying them because you don’t have to watch the stove!


Potatoes (I used 5 small to medium sized potatoes)

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon pepper


Spices (ex. Cayenne) totally optional

Peel and wash all the potatoes. You can either grate it or cut the potatoes into little shreds

Wring the potato with a paper towel or a cloth to remove as much moisture from the potatoes as you can.

Season the potatoes with the salt, pepper and any additional spices that you like.

Use a silicone brush if you have one to brush oil all over the waffle iron. If you don’t have a brush, you can use a paper towel to coat the iron with oil as well.

Pile the potatoes on the machine, how much potatoes you put on the iron depends on how thick you want the hash browns to be.

Note: When I made it, the whole hash brown wasn’t as crunchy as I’d like it to be. That’s because the waffle machine doesn’t press on the whole hash brown. To get the has brown more crunchy, you should use a pan to fry the potatoes for a bit first before putting it in the waffle machine.

Leave the potatoes in the waffle machine until you think they are crispy enough to your liking.

The finished product! 

The next time you are craving hash browns but don’t feel like going to a restaurant, try making them yourself! 

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